No Secret: I Adore Cats – Welcome to

Welcome to my blog. I’ve had a bunch of rescue kitties over the past 20+ years, and I absolutely loved every single one of them. Cats are a fascinating creature, and sometimes their antics just make me laugh out loud (while shaking my head).

There’s this one guy whose video channel is hilarious, and he does these little animated short films – it’s all about “Simon’s Cat,” created by Simon Tofield. If you want to totally go down a cat-rabbit hole, check this guy out. His stuff so “purrfectly” captures the “essence” of the cat.

His video channel has over 4.3 MILLION subscribers, and if you watch his stuff (if you love cats), you’ll see why. Let me give you just a taste here! Honestly, it was really hard for me to choose just ONE of the Simon’s Cat episodes… So, once you watch this, you can head over to the full channel to see more! (Oh, ok, I’ll put 2 episodes in! The 2nd one is actually the first one I ever saw. Enjoy!)

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